Super Clash Bros is a fan-made crossover game featuring a battle mode and adventure mode. The characters are kept true to their original games (same abilities, same health systems, etc.). This is an early, unfinished version but it's still very playable and fun with a group of friends.

Some notes:

  • Lots of things messed up with this version. For example, the characters have way too much health for adventure mode, that's because I'm still transitioning the game from a battle-focused game to a more single player/co-op focused game (although I may give them low health by default for battle mode too). They also don't get their super items where the star power up is in, because right now they only get them as comeback items in battle mode. Lots of other issues/missing stuff. Will get fixed.
  • For now it's local multiplayer only but you can play online via Parsec. Built-in online play is in the works.
  • Almost every gamepad should work in the downloadable version.
  • Mario/Luigi can get Yoshi under certain conditions. Yoshi can't eat Bowser but Bowser can't ride Yoshi (all characters who can fit can ride Yoshi).

Let me know any feedback you have. You can follow progress on the Discord server.

If you subscribe to my Youtube channel, click that bell right after you subscribe so you can be notified of new videos.

Install instructions

Download this in the itch app so that you always have the most updated version of the game


Super Clash Bros (Windows) - 2019 version. New 2022 version is on Gamejolt 103 MB
Super Clash Bros (Linux) 104 MB
Super Clash Bros (Mac) 89 MB

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good game i like micheal jackson :_:

can add 1 upgrade plz

Uh, is this playable on 32 bit

same q here

I really like this game and i hope you update it more

super clash bros can upade plz

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how do you play local multiplayer?

I could not get it to work

i like the game, but im afraid its been canceled or forgotten about

On discord it's active

hey Dev, can I only play super mario in this version? how to i switch the adventure mode?

I love it

hopefully nintendo won't find this



nice game give this a 100...

...out of 10

but when is this gonna be updated again it's 2021


I agree with this statement

Try Super Smash Flash 2 if you guys like this game.



I play this every day

hahaha same but we need more updatesssssss



play the dowloand ver


good luck getting sued




Why the hell is there SMW and S3 sprites here!? They're ugly as Godzilla!


if they're as ugly as godzilla then they're beautiful, don't call godzilla ugly



is this game dead?

no he has made a "full" beta version only available to backers on his patreon, you can get updates via discord 

is this game abandoned?

Deleted 143 days ago

Under which conditions I'll get the super ability (Super Sonic/Yoshi/Super Mario Star/Link second life). Bcus everytime i play always third player gets 80% chance on them

whit mikle you can jump and then spam attak to fly


 plz make new version on web plz i what more characters

get the new version on web plz

super fun

put more fatalities for scorpion pls


i love this game keep up the good work

This is awesome! I cant wait for more characters


Best game ever i'm waiting impatiently the next updates

Hey i have some feedback, If you spam x and jump with sonic it will brake the game by brake i mean it makes you very op can you please fix it. 

thanks for telling me this i will now use my sonic main skills along with the glitch do destroy the world hahaha

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when are gonna add the other characters for no n patreon :) ?

when he releases a full version

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i never realized Mario/Luigi's cape could reflect projectiles

is this still alive?


yes. working on it almost every day


oh that's nice to hear I'm glad.

oh thank god it's not dead this is a really good game


 Super Clash Crossover

(1 edit)

Same project, just different default content.

Por favor eu quero muito uma versão para Android e se não for pedir de mais em português mano eu amei esse jogo muito top 

(1 edit) (+1)

I LOVE THIS!!! You included Micheal Jackson from Moon Walker! I thought no one remembered that game!


This is the best crossover game I have ever seen. It's got michael jackson for crying out loud

megaman cant jump high enough  i softlocked in smb 1 lvl 1-1 you should make it one tile higher so then you dont softlock otherwise i love it

you can summon rush

with top face button

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